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What we’re about

Please note that this Meetup Group wholeheartedly supports Meetup Policies and Principles and Never Makes Financial Assurances and/or Guarantees. This Meetup Group is all about providing opportunities for members to engage in Online Workshops where we can help each other live better lives by helping you create profitable online lifestyle businesses.
Many people dream of leaving the corporate world to go it alone in the world of the entrepreneur, but delay and procrastinate because it can be very scary prospect.
Here in this Meetup group we are looking at ways to break out of the corporate trap and take a path to new ways of living that are more in line with your meaning, purpose and destiny.
Come along to get all of your online business questions answered, network and create joint ventures with other like-minded budding digital nomads and get advanced training to help increase the speed of your success.
If you would like to book a call with me to discuss your business needs then please go to The Nomadic Entrepreneur Appointment form