The Science Behind Weight Loss

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How long have you been thinking, 'I need to lose weight?' 'I wish I had more energy!' 'I'm sick of feeling and looking like this!'

How many times have you tried and failed to reach your weight loss goals?

You see other people getting there - all the body transformation pictures you've seen on Instagram - but they must have better genetics, motivation, more time or money... something you don't have, right?
We all want to see results, especially when we're working so hard. I want to give you that clear cut information, to move you straight towards your goals. No detours.

In this hands-on workshop Nutrition & Naturopath Sarah Garepo and The Raw Food Girl Tamara Brown will help you to understand the role that hormones and nutrition play in maintain a healthy weight. We'll discuss the fundamentals behind why we stack weight on in the first place, and how to rid yourself of unwanted fat by addressing the some of the root factors in weight gain: hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, nutrient absorption and stress signalling.

- How Hormones and Stress Affect Everything!
- How, When and What to Eat
- The Best Ways to Exercise
- Foods and Lifestyle Practices to Avoid
- Emotions and The Role of Mental Health
- Nutrient Deficiencies
- Meal Plan Guidance
- Common Questions and Answers
- How to Overcome Self Sabotaging

All recipes are free from wheat, dairy, grains and refined sugars, suitable for paleo dieters and raw vegans.

- Detox Smoothie
- Omega 3 Bliss Balls

Generous servings of each dish will be provided, as well as copies of the recipes to take home so you can re-create them yourself.

It's time for you to enjoy the body you have always wanted!

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