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Welcome to the Cincinnati, OH InvestHER Chapter! This group has been created to help women real estate investors local to Cincinnati meet, connect, and learn together and from one another!


Beth Underhill is the founder of Lifestyle Equities Group, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has an extensive background in construction, hospitality, and home renovations with a passion for ensuring individuals and families have a safe, functional, and loving place to either call home or an enjoyable place to visit.​

Beth has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years, mastering the finance, marketing and client relations needed to run small business. As co-owner of Outdoor Design Build, she has been assisting in the creation of outdoor living spaces in the greater Cincinnati area for over 23 years. In addition, Beth's innovation with several other business ventures throughout the years paved the way for other individuals/entities’ future opportunities.

As a real estate investor, Beth has redeveloped over $4mm in single-family homes and has another $1mm slated for 2022. Lifestyle Equities Group is Co-GP on over 500 multifamily units, holds equity in an RV park and hotel in Panama, and is in the process of solidifying her first development. She hopes to impact the real estate market by using the same cutting-edge thoughts and processes that have yielded success in other ventures.


The Real Estate InvestHER® is more than a community - it is a movement. Our mission is to empower women in real estate to live a financially free and balanced life. We are dedicated to creating empowering online and in-person communities where women have a non-intimidating environment to receive the support, knowledge, and accountability to live life on their own terms.

How To Join the InvestHER Movement

1. The Real Estate InvestHER Membership

This one-of-a-kind membership offers women investors a supportive community and a step-by-step roadmap to create a steady recurring income to live life on their own terms. Members receive custom content that specifically helps them wherever they are on the path to financial freedom, on-demand and live events that fits into their busy schedules, and mentorship and accountability to propel them to take their business to the next level while taking care of themselves in the process. Learn More Here. (

2. The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast

The weekly show that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the globe details the journey of the most amazing women real estate investors, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for building wealth, becoming financially free, and the mindset to balance it all.

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3. InvestHER Community on Facebook

We have thousands of experienced and newer community members in our free Facebook InvestHER Community group. This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals! Join here. (

4. Amazon Bestseller: The Only Woman in the Room by Ashley Wilson

Twenty incredible women share how they were able to achieve financial freedom in a world historically dominated by men. From residential to commercial, this book is packed full of knowledge and inspiration on all facets regardless of where one is in their real estate investing journey. Our passion behind this book is to help women secure a financially strong future especially during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

“Throughout my career there were multiple occasions where I have stood as the only woman in the room. This powerful book is a must read and I only wish it had been available early on in my career!”
-Barbara Corcoran (Founder of The Corcoran Group)

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By attending an InvestHER event, you certify that you do not fall into any of the following categories: 

1. Individuals who currently or within the past fourteen (14) days have experienced any symptoms associated with COVID -19, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath among others;
2. Individuals who have traveled at any point in the past fourteen (14) days either internationally or to a community in the U.S. that has experienced or is experiencing sustained community spread of COVID-19;
3. In the past week, have you been in contact with individuals who believe that they may have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID 19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not yet cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities or the health care team responsible for their treatment.
4. Have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days.

Our Requirements:

  • If you are fully vaccinated, to maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, it is highly recommended that you wear a mask indoors in public.
  • If you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask at all times during the event.

Please note these guidelines are as of November 1, 2021 and are subject to change. COVID guidelines for indoor meetings should always follow the recommendations outlined by the CDC.

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