What we're about

Our goal is to develop a community of like-minded people interested in learning more about real estate investing. Our primary goal is to bring together people with all levels of experience to collaborate, pool our resources to acquire property, share investment opportunities, and most importantly, learn from one another. We are not here to sell you anything!

Our philosophy is that everyone should "learn while they earn." Every single one of our meetings has an educational focus. For example, we have showed people how to work the numbers, demonstrated market analysis, brought in specialists to talk about investing through self-directed 401ks/IRAs, had an accountant talk about tax strategies, and most recently, we completed a "shark-tank" experience where they pitched an authentic property to a group of private money lenders. Our core values focus on setting goals, paying it forward, working with others, authentic educational experiences, honesty, integrity, and collaboration.

Our primary focus is on multifamily investing, particularly out of state. Members of our group have properties ranging from 2 units to over 200 units. We recently pooled a bunch of investors together to invest in 3 properties in the greater Cincinnati area (a duplex, 6 unit and 9 unit). By pooling funds and bundling together smaller properties, we are able to allow new and seasoned, small and large investors to actively invest in property while they learn about investing at our free monthly meetings.

We have a variety of educational opportunities available for our members. Join our group and find out what everyone has to offer to one another.

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