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Building your mental strength is essential to avoid an emotional dive every time something unpleasant or traumatic happens in your life. It’s also vital if you’re still suffering from a past traumatic event. 

In this group we’ll be giving free webinars on the right way to become mentally strong, and stay strong. We won’t be telling you to think positively or to regulate your thoughts and emotions. You probably already know how hard, and often useless, that is. 

The fact is, there is only one way to really achieve mental strength—and mental health, for that matter. It’s done by addressing the source of your thoughts, emotions and behavior you find difficult (or impossible) to control. In our webinars we’ll show how you can get to the real source of your unwanted feelings and thoughts. 

Have you been experiencing any of the following? 

  • Negative emotions that you can’t control, or that seem to trigger out of nowhere.
  • Still feeling the effects of a traumatic event that occurred months or even years ago. (Such as a death, illness, betrayal, loss of job/position/money, etc.)
  • Bad breakups or a divorce that have left you unwilling or unable to have another relationship.
  • Feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth. 
  • Loss of confidence. 
  • Feeling constantly anxious or fearful about the future.

It’s possible to not only get these feelings under control, but also eliminate them from your life. There’s a part of your mind that’s concealed from your consciousness and that keeps your unwanted feelings and thoughts in place. We’ll explain to you the techniques that get to this hidden part of your mind. They’re simple but powerful techniques and they involve no hypnosis or drugs. They’ll make it possible for you  to build up your mental strength so that you can control your life instead of it controlling you. 

This group was created by South Coast Mission, Dianetics & Scientology Self-Improvement Center. 

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