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Hello my San Diego Sisters. It's time to call in a Flock of Phoenix.

A Flock of Phoenix
by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

We don’t have to know how to do it. We just have to know, we want to do it.
This is the time when women work and rise together.
A Phoenix adorned in fire red and diamonds, ready to fly to her next destination…
A new chapter is being written. A new prophecy is being called out.
Women are wise.
Women are wealthy…
We, who are able, must rise. And make space for others to rise. Each of us makes up her own fire rising song.
We sing the words into creation. And watch the sparks begin to fly.
Just because fire was used against us does not mean we gave up fire.
No. We have breathed fire, taken it into our being.
Our legend is not only one of burning. But one of knowing fire!  
Our legend is one of rising. Of flying. Of making the impossible flight from ashes.
Dusting the gray from our fire red wings, we extend our shimmering wings.
And the Earth in her wisdom pushes us from beneath.
And the air in her understanding pulls us from above.
Up we go.
Free at last.
Leaving gravity to its daily chore of holding all things in place. But not us. Not today. Today, we soar and we are whole.
We find the sky full of radiant Phoenix.
A whole flock of Phoenix Women.
And together, we fly on the wisdom of the shared flock.
Bright and beautiful.
Bold and dangerous.
Wild and full of hope.
Brave and abundant.
Let us rise oh Winged Sisters and claim our skies!

Won't you please join us?