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St Ives, C3

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Oct 25, 2018

This group is based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire so please confirm you're happy to come along to Meetups in or around the St Neots area.

Yes (I live nearby in St Ives)

We're all in our 20s, 30s & 40s and are looking for similar aged friends to join us. Please confirm you're around our age - we won't ask for proof!

Yes (I'm 34)

We try and have lots of different types of MeetUps and are always looking for new ideas. Can you give some examples of where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do?

Open to trying all sorts of things.

Why did you decide to join this group and what would you like to gain by being a member ?

I live alone, so it would be nice to meet people and make some new friends.

Please remember this is social and friendship site not a dating site. If we receive complaints of people sending unwanted messages to other members you will be deleted