Pre-Holiday Game Night with Cider, Mead, Board Games, and Food


Get in the mood for the Holidays -- join us for a pre-Holiday Game Night at Southern California Vibes Co., a unique South Bay tasting room with cider and mead on tap. This is one of the only cideries in Southern California! Last year we went to their sister location, Honest Abe, next door. This is a larger facility and they also prepare and serve food. Everyone had a great time last year, so we're doing it again this year to usher in the Holidays.

Cider is sweet, yet tart, with a complexity that changes and improves as it ages, much like wine. Mead, or “honey wine,” is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey.

See their cider and mead offerings at

The food menu is below.

They have some board games there, but feel free to bring your own favorite board game. I'm bringing Rummikub. If you are bringing a game, let us know which one in a comment below.

The beverages are served in 4 to 5-ounce flights that cost $2 to $3 per glass or bottles between $13 to $19. Their cider ranges from 7 to 8.5 percent alcohol by volume.

Here's an article written about them when they opened:

Their website: