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Anita’s Chandler Dusty Trail Hike

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Randy B.
Anita’s Chandler Dusty Trail Hike


This will be a mish-mash of the previous versions of this hike. The route will be the groups choice. As with most of the weekday hikes it is about 2:00-2:10hrs in length, 5.0-5.2miles and 800-900 feet of up.

This is not a beginners hike. There are 4 steep hills within the middle half of the hike. I would rate this as a moderate level hike. Our average moving pace is 2.7-3.0 miles per hour. This is the pace we have done as a group for the last 3-4 hikes on this route.

We meet in the normal spot (near the charging station) starting at 5:00pm and start walking at 5:15pm. Sunset is at 6:54pm.

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