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The Constitution of The United States of America
Playing golf yesterday with Leonard Liberman, I asked if he had any ideas for the July Thinkers Club, he thought for a second and said with conviction THE CONSTITUTION!! So perfect Idea I thought with our meet up being on the second Wednesday in July since our nations birthday July fourth is on our regular Wednesday it seem to be a perfect fit. Lets read the whole thing and while you are grilling burgers on the fourth of July read the Federalist Papers. Peruse decisions made by the nine Supremes, which ones do you want to talk about, where in the constitution and or the interpretation from the federalist papers that moves your argument. Is it possible we at the Thinkers Club will come up with the definitive answer as to weather it is an evolving document that lives or is the text in its originalist context the way for us as a country of "laws" to proceed. So bring it all to the Thinkers Club for a lively and I am sure an informative evening and please make note of the one time only date change. July 11th Twinsburg library 7:00p.m.

Twinsburg Public Library

10050 Ravenna Road · Twinsburg, OH

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