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Zhuangzi "The Inner Chapters"

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Hello everyone for the October Meet-up we will read Zhuangzi "The Inner Chapters" it can be found on line at,, each chapter is of a couple of paragraphs in length so not long but you may want to read it a couple of times.

In our September meet=up as those that attended, discussed Albert Camus and the absurdity of life. Camus was influenced by a number of people and particularly the writings of Zhuangzi. The writings are dated to circa 4th century and although there is debate as to the writings such as were they written by one person or were others involved as to the actual existence of Zhuangzi as one individual. That debate aside, the writings do exist and contain philosophy identifying "Spontaneous Order", this is a recurring theme in all that influenced Camus. Zhuangzi wrote " the world does not need governing, in fact it should not be governed, and good order results spontaneously when things are left alone." He has been called by some perhaps the worlds first anarchist.

Zhuangzi's philosophy was very influential in the development of Chinese Buddhism, especially Chan known in Japan as Zen also influential to the Austrian School of Anarchy-Capitalism, and "Classical" liberalism.

Well is any of this relevant can this philosophy be applied to us in this day and time, well thats what we do at the Thinkers Club see you October 3.


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