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Vancouver Business Network (“VBN”) was founded on March 26, 2010 and now is the largest business Meetup on the west coast and the 11th largest in the world. VBN’s tagline is Learn, Network and Grow.

We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings in Vancouver, British Columbia, and are addressed by speakers with strong delivery skills and content that is relevant to active and aspiring small business owners. Joining VBN is free. Members and guests pay a $12 cover charge for each Meetup they attend or $39 per month.

We have a keynote speaker at every Meetup, record their talk and upload it to VBN’s YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/VancouverBusinessNetwork to help entrepreneurs around the world build better businesses.

VBN’s members are:

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs who are self-educating themselves

2. New entrepreneurs who are often independent service providers

3. Established entrepreneurs with micro businesses

4. The average age is around 35

5. Many are new Canadians

6. Most are Internet savvy

7. The men:women ratio is 50:50.

Check out VBN's upcoming events at https://www.meetup.com/the-vancouver-business-network/events/

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Amplify your Business Results By Mastering 3 Secrets | Nicki Chang-Powless

THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU IF … • You want better results from your sales and marketing efforts • You want to know where to best spend your time and money • You feel overwhelmed • You want effective strategies to grow and scale your business TRAINING DESCRIPTION Join us at 5pm (Pacific) on Tuesday, January 19 and learn from Nicki Chang-Powless how to amplify your business results. Time and money are limited so let’s find the most efficient route to our destination. Nicki will reveal the 3 secrets to building a solid business foundation for your business to scale and grow! TAKEAWAYS • Discover the key to sales and marketing success • Discover how to best spend your time and money • Discover 3 big mistakes that business owners make that keep them from moving their business forward SPEAKER’S BIO Nicki Chang-Powless is the author of “Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business.” When she realized her 23 years of corporate experience was not common knowledge among small businesses, and over 50% of companies don’t make it to 5 years, it became her mission to improve these numbers. Her programs have made such an impact on the small business community that she was the recipient of 2018 Best New Business Venture award at the SuPEARLative Awards and 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business from the Heart Awards. Today, Nicki and her team of Business Strategists help business owners get clarity, direction and results. Contact Nicki online at www.NCPConsulting.net AGENDA (all times are Pacific) 4:40pm – Zoom room opens 5:00pm – Roger introduces Nicki 5:05pm – Nicki’s presentation 6:05pm – Upcoming speakers 6:10pm - Idea parties 6:30pm - Collaborative networking 7:00pm- It’s a wrap. YOUR INVESTMENT Free, zip, nothing, nada, zilch, gratuite/gratuit, besplatno, $0. We only ask that you attend with a spirit of giving, serving and sharing with the Meetup attendees. ZOOM LINK https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87802641281

Amplify your impact & influence with a powerful voice | Monique McDonald

THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU IF … • You want to learn how enormously your voice impacts your personal and professional success. • You find it difficult to communicate your value with impact and influence. • You want to be charismatic. TRAINING DESCRIPTION Join us at 8am (Pacific) on Thursday, January 21, 2021 and learn from Monique McDonald why your voice is a powerful asset and how to use it to improve your personal and professional lives. TAKEAWAYS • Learn how to sound like the expert you are. • Discover how your voice can give you leverage in business. • Learn 3 changes you can make now to influence your next high-stakes conversation. SPEAKER’S BIO Grammy-nominated, award-winning artist, Monique McDonald, known to many as “The Magnetic Voice” has broken the mold of what it means to be a DIVA. With international acclaim she has performed Opera and Lecture Recitals throughout Europe, Japan and The United States, including Carnegie Hall, NYC and the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. Monique now combines secrets learned during her 20 years’ experience in High Profile Performance with Top Shelf Coaching Strategies to empower leaders, public speakers and business owners with charismatic communication and mastery of the human voice. Visit TheMagneticVoice.com or email [masked] to find out more about Monique and her exciting courses and events. AGENDA (all times are Pacific) 7:40am - Zoom room opens 8:00am - Roger interviews Monique 8:05am - Monique’s training session 9:05am - Upcoming speakers 9:10am - Idea parties 9:30am - Collaborative networking 10:00am- It’s a wrap. YOUR INVESTMENT Free, zip, nothing, nada, zilch, gratuite/gratuit, besplatno, $0. We only ask that you attend with a spirit of giving, serving and sharing with the Meetup attendees. ZOOM LINK https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82775545527

COLLABORATE - the world's greatest joint venture partnering event!

In December 2020 over 400 people attended my webinars. They all came from 41 Joint Venture Partners that I met in September and October. And where did these 41 JV Partners come from? They all came from COLLABORATE! There’s only one place where you can network virtually for 3 days with other experts who are ready to promote your product or service to their lists, and promote yourself to a panel of industry leaders, and that’s at “COLLABORATE!”, an event produced by JV Insider Circle. At COLLABORATE! you'll connect with literally hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers, program leaders, podcast producers, radio shows and events all there to form joint venture partnerships. During COLLABORATE! you'll: • Meet leaders and influencers from around the world • Perfect your pitches in front of small groups • Discover how you can have your products promoted by top players at the JV Shark Attack session • Get access to exclusive attendance gifts from guest speakers • Get one-on-one coaching to find more partners to promote your products and programs Click here to register - https://gr348.infusion-links.com/api/v1/click/6564737645674496/5315911029096448 NOTE: At this landing page you'll be offered the opportunity to register for free. This means that you'll be an observer only. To participate actively you'll need to upgrade your free ticket to a VIP ticket. The cost is only US$47 for all 3 days. I recommend that you buy the upgrade. I look forward to seeing you at COLLABORATE! Maybe we'll even become JV Partners. Roger Killen - Meetup Organizer

5x Your Coaching Income By Being Your Prospects’ Trusted Advisor | Steve Eriksen

THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU IF … • You are struggling to grow your coaching business • You’re ready to start making more money from your coaching – fast. • You don't have a steady stream of new prospects and clients, yet you want to attract more people and have a bigger impact through your work. • You want to sky-rocket your sales by using all 4 possible ways to grow your coaching revenues TRAINING DESCRIPTION Come and join us at 12pm (PST) on Sunday, January 24, 2021 and learn from Steve Eriksen how to attract clients so they ask you to work with them without having to do pushy sales pitches or any hard selling. Discover how YOU can become the trusted advisor your prospects are desperately searching for, so you can be their FIRST CHOICE in helping them overcome their challenges. Steve will share with you how tapping into your prospect’s state of mind will help you obliterate objections BEFORE you discuss your programs. Just show up and be ready to take notes as Steve shows you how you and your business can THRIVE! TAKEAWAYS • How the GIVE framework will obliterate sales objections and make your prospects raving fans! • Discover the 4 ways to grow your revenues, and HOW you can use them in YOUR coaching business. • Walk away with a ROADMAP that shows you everything you need to know to go from STRUGGLING to 5X’ing your business! SPEAKER’S BIO Steve Eriksen, The Midlife Solopreneur, has made it his mission to help and support coaches, speakers and authors grow their coaching businesses so they can THRIVE. Steve has created hundreds of ads and marketing campaigns for clients and was responsible for the technical execution of numerous mid 6-figure launches for a well-known US-based life coaching certification company. Steve’s expertise is combining emotional marketing and online marketing technologies to help his clients build highly effective systems that generate prospects and clients. Steve can be contacted at https://midlifesolopreneur.com/contact-us/ AGENDA (all times are PST) 11:40am – Zoom room opens 12:00pm – Steve’s presentation 1:00pm – Upcoming speakers 1:05pm - Idea parties 1:30pm - Collaborative networking 2:00pm- It’s a wrap. YOUR INVESTMENT Free, zip, nothing, nada, zilch, gratuite/gratuit, besplatno, $0. We only ask that you attend with a spirit of giving, serving and sharing with your fellow Meetup attendees. ZOOM LINK https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84638969922

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