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How to achieve reach & influence – FREE 2-day basic training for speakers
DESCRIPTION Great content and strong speaking skills are not enough to reach and influence massive audiences. Serious speakers must also be aware, and harness the power of 11 ancillary skills. On August 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday), 11 experts are coming together in this webinar to: • describe how each of their skills can help you build reach and influence, • provide basic training in each of their skills, • make you irresistible offers to take their in-depth training, and/or buy their done-for-you services. The 11 ancillary skills are: e-book writing and publishing, printed book writing and publishing, podcasting, branding, Facebook ads, sponsorships, media coverage, image management, on-stage performance, on-stage confidence and getting video views. FORMAT Each expert will be interviewed for 1 hour and will share their slides and answer your questions during their interview. You’ll receive a FREE recording of all of interviews – that’s 11 hours of valuable content for FREE. Amazing! TO REGISTER For more information about each expert, their special skills and their relevance to making reach and influence happen for you, go to After you register, you’ll receive a Zoom link and the interview schedule. This link allows you to come and go during the 2 day webinar i.e., you can be selective about which experts’ interviews you attend. PASS IT FORWARD If this webinar is not your cup of tea and you know of serious speakers struggling to reach and influence large audiences, please forward a link to this Meetup to them. They’ll thank you for it big time!

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The Vancouver Business Network Meetup (VBN) was founded in March 2010 and to-day is the largest community of active and aspiring small business owners in Canada.

VBN holds inexpensive, high-quality seminars and networking events every week. These events help small business owners, entrepreneurs, wantapreneurs and marketing professionals learn, network and grow. They learn new tactics, tools and techniques. They network with like-minded people. They grow their networks, their businesses and their characters.

VBN’s weekly seminars address just about every business topic imaginable including traditional, online and mobile marketing, personal development, social media, sales, networking, raising capital, crowd sourcing, gamification, branding, search engine optimization, web design and much much more.

Start growing your business or advancing your career today by checking us out. The best way to do this is to attend one of our meetings. You'll discover why VBN is the largest business Meetup in Canada.

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