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Looking for new and seasoned Torontonians who love socializing and meeting people while exploring exotic eats in the city! We endeavour to stand apart from your typical Meetup group where members typically attend one-off events; so get ready to mix and mingle and expand your social network, while also developing an intimate group of friends with connection that we can rely on, keep in touch and hang out with on at least a somewhat regular basis at a predictable location, with our shared love of food! This group is seeking men and women who are outgoing, bubbly and sociable and look forward to meeting and sharing with friends! Get ready to meet the coolest people in town!


Members may be removed for:

– non-participation or inability to participate actively in this group;

– attendance issues;

If you’re new and you don't observe this, you might be removed in the first instance.

If you’ve previously attended one or more events, you might be excused; but if it happens again you would be removed.

– untoward behaviour; so everyone is comfortable and in keeping with the spirit of this group.


It could be as simple as Japanese tapas and saké after work, a cup of tea with a scone or sandwich on a weekend afternoon or an amazing ethnic lunch or dinner. We’ll always endeavour to be at a TTC subway accessible venue with little walking from the subway in the colder months and scheduled bi-weekly events at one or two most preferred hangouts, and with new or different places in-between. Besides subway accessibility, the greatest importance would be given to the vibe of the place and the quality/value of the food and/or drinks, in that order.


Relaxed, laid back events with no rush or pressure to do anything specific. The emphasis is on conversation and our shared love of food. Please be responsible about consumption of food and drinks, especially in respect of sensitivities, and inform the venues directly about any diet restrictions.

Up to 12 people. An event would be announced, and held subject to a minimum of 4 attendees having RSVPed Yes at least 2 days prior. Please be considerate and committed in respect of your RSVP. Please actually attend if you RSVP Yes, and please don’t change to No after the RSVP deadline or within 56 hours of the event, whichever is earlier; or worse still, not show up at all. That’s common courtesy. The event will be officially cancelled if the RSVP count is below 4, which means the organizer or event host would cancel reservations if any at the venue, but anyone who still wants to meet up can do so. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep track of status changes such as from Waitlist to Yes and promptly update your RSVP in any eventuality. The event host might nonetheless ask that you reconfirm your spot by suitable means, to ensure you know you have reserved a spot and are committed to attending an upcoming event. In this case, you must respond confirming, or alternately relinquishing your spot. If you do not respond within 24 hours, you might be removed from that event, and not indicating your intention of not attending is not grounds for reinstating your attendance.

Members may be flagged NS YYMMDD or LBO YYMMDD where NS means No Show, LBO means Late Bail Out and YYMMDD represents the date of such occurrence, for:
– not showing up having RSVPed ‘YES’;
– changing your RSVP to ‘NO’ later than the RSVP deadline or a minimum of 56 hours prior to the event, whichever is earlier;
– not responding to a request for reconfirmation of your ‘YES’ RSVP.


Please be respectful to and tolerant of other members, which might include politely declining shop talk if you’re just trying to unwind, having an open mind and not taking offence too easily.


It’s for the love of people (and food, LOL), not money. If the cost of running the group ever becomes a limiting factor, contributions will be welcomed, but never will per-event fees be imposed.

Good to know:

Most groups are about a hobby or niche, which in itself is well and good, but many are businesses that exploit trendy topics to bring people with shared interests together for profit, whether it be to make money from event fees, venue kickbacks or baiting potential customers for other ventures. Even non-profit meetup groups say that they make no money, but only after disbursements to organizers and event hosts for their time.

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👉 $1 Oysters 😋 Night 🌟

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