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Support LB 482 to stop UN Agenda 21 in Nebraska

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We have a tentative hearing date for LB 482 (to stop Agenda 21 in Nebraska) of February 13th at 1:30 pm. Could you please ask the folks if they would consider attending the hearing at the Capitol on that date to support Senator Kintner? He is sticking his neck out for this cause & it would mean a lot if we supported him and were there in the audience! They don't have to testify unless they want to - they just sign in as being for the you know numbers count, especially to Judiciary!

Please contact Senators Lathrop & Ashford - especially Ashford since he is running for mayor - let him know they are from the Omaha area and would like him to support this bill - it deserves to be debated on the floor because it's such an important issue that affects all Americans.

Rob Rohrbough is organizing a car pool for anyone that's interested.