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The 912 Project-Nebraska Message Board › Please help Stop Common Core in Nebraska

Please help Stop Common Core in Nebraska

Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 356
I could argue that Linda Darling-Hammond will have as much influence on children’s minds in her Assessment / Achieve role as she would have had as Education Secretary! Clearly, her radical progressive views will be thoroughly embedded in the Common Core Assessments.

Achieve, Inc. — Nebraska Connection

On 9.06.13, Shane Vander Hart wrote a revealing article “Nebraska Under Pressure to Adopt Common Core” for Truth in American Education.


In this piece, Shane revealed that Governor Dave Heineman sits on the Board of Directors of Achieve, Inc. http://www.achieve.or...­

To see where Gov. Heineman stands on the Common Core, click this link:­

Based on what we know about Achieve, Inc., I am wondering why a Conservative Republican Governor would endorse Achieve and Common Core. [Please ask Governor Heineman.]

Quality of the Common Core Standards

The Common Core proponents talk about how great the Common Core Standards are and how they will make students “college-ready.” Are the Common Core Standards really high quality standards?

A strong Common Core proponent is the NCEE (National Center on Education and the Economy). A 2013 document by the NCEE erroneously indicates that it is not important to have high education standards in high school under Common Core. The document states:

Mastery of Algebra II is widely thought to be a prerequisite for success in college and careers. Our research shows that that is not so…Based on our data, one cannot make the case that high school graduates must be proficient in Algebra II to be ready for college and careers.­

NCEE is not joking; they actually believe this nonsense! Maybe the Common Core should quit using the word “rigorous.”

[As a Civil Engineer with a B.S.C.E and M.S.C.E., I can say emphatically that higher level math skills are absolutely essential in this high-tech world!]

The Common Core favors cutting out basic math skills, such as being able to convert fractions to decimals. Proponents call this learning “fewer but deeper” concepts. I call it foolishness! Common Core also delays the age at which students should be able to work with certain algorithms; this puts students several years behind our mathematical competitors in Asia.

Again, the NCEE report is erroneous when it states that traditional high school English classes (with their emphasis on classic literature and personal, narrative writing) are useless. The report basically says that Common Core will save students from the worthless classics by emphasizing informational texts in technical subjects and social studies. The report explains:

The Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (CCSSE) address reading in history/social studies as well as science and technical subjects, and in so doing may increase the relevance of high school instruction.­

In a 9.08.13 article by Christel Swasey entitled “Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness,” she points out that leading professors stand in direct opposition to NCEE and question the quality of the Common Core Standards. http://whatiscommonco...­

Ten brilliant American professors have spoken out eloquently to say that the Common Core is far from its claim of representing academic excellence. Here are a few quotations from the top ten professors:

1. Dr. James Milgram (Stanford University –

We hear no proponents or endorsers of Common Core’s standards warning this country about the effects of the college-readiness level in Common Core’s mathematics standards on postsecondary and post-baccalaureate academic and professional programs. http://www.uaedreform...­ content/uploads/2000/01/ZimbaMilgramStot­skyFinal.pdf
Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 357
2. Dr. Sandra Stotsky (University of Arkansas) –

At this time we can only conclude that a gigantic fraud has been perpetrated on this country, in particular on parents in this country, by those developing, promoting, or endorsing Common Core’s standards.

We have no illusion that the college-readiness level in ELA will be any more demanding than Common Core’s college-readiness level in mathematics. http://www.uaedreform...­ content/uploads/2000/01/ZimbaMilgramStot­skyFinal.pdf

3. Dr. Alan Manning (Brigham Young University) –

The Core standards just set in concrete approaches to reading/writing that we already know don’t work very well. Actual learning outcomes will stagnate at best. http://whatiscommonco...­

4. Dr. Christopher Tienken (Seton Hall University) –

Education reform in the United States is being driven largely by ideology, rhetoric, and dogma instead of evidence…. Where is the evidence of the efficacy of the standards? http://christienken.c...­

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who was on Common Core’s Validation Committee, made these comments about the ELA standards:

Common Core’s 50/50 mandate makes it impossible for English teachers to construct a coherent literature curriculum [50 percent literature and 50 percent informational texts].

I can only surmise that we received no reply because Common Core’s standards are not internationally benchmarked and there is no research to support the 50/50 mandate.

Reading researchers have since acknowledged there is no research to support Common Core’s claim that an increase in instruction in informational reading in English or other classes will make students college-ready. http://www.uaedreform...­

By reducing literary study, Common Core’s 50/50 mandate decreases students’ opportunities to develop the analytical thinking skills once fostered in classic literary texts.

Common Core Curriculum

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) and the Common Core proponents have a number of standard “talking points.” One of those points is that the Common Core Standards are “standards” not “curriculum” and that it is up to the school districts to choose curriculum.

The test writers are driving the curriculum which will be based on the Common Core Standards. Because the Common Core Standards tie teachers’ evaluations to the scores their students make on the Common Core assessments, teachers are pressured to “teach to the test.” Teachers will lose their jobs if the students do poorly on the Common Core tests.

As the Common Core curriculum enters the schools, we are starting to see just how bad it is. An example was recently exposed at Buena Vista High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona. A highly pornographic book was recommended in: Common Core Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects — Common Core Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks (Appendix B). This is the link to the article and book:­

[The book was on the 11th grade list, but the teacher was teaching it to even younger students in the 10th grade.]

Because the Common Core Standards are copyrighted, the documents cannot be altered. States cannot change one word, even if their teachers find the standards to be wrong, poorly written, or confusing.

Common Core recommends that teachers teach many multicultural, politically correct books and gives teachers and students web links to authors’ sites, thus influencing students to purchase more books by these same authors. Common Core espouses social justice, redistribution of wealth, environmental extremism, socialism, and other ideas; these are advocated at the expense of basic fundamental skills.

Former Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott recently completed a Pioneer Institute report: A Republic of Republics — How Common Core Undermines State and Local Autonomy over K-12 Education, A Pioneer Institute White Paper, by Robert Scott, Sep. 2013. http://pioneerinstitu...­

Commissioner Scott explains a pedagogical method called “cold reading” that is encouraged by the Common Core. With this technique, the teachers have the students read a text cold without any background or context for what they are about to read.

For example, Common Core writer David Coleman instructs the teachers to have the students read the Gettysburg Address – without giving any background context. This leaves students without the ability to understand Abraham Lincoln’s address in the context of the historical moment in time. http://pioneerinstitu...­

Teachers detest this loss of autonomy in the classroom and find that the pedagogical methods recommended by the CCS dumb down their classrooms.

In effect, the manner in which CSSI suggests the standards should be delivered lowers the overall quality, richness, and rigor of the educational experience.
Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 358
[Pioneer report -- page 13]

A very troubling event occurred last year. David Coleman, one of the architects of the Common Core, became the President of The College Board. As the producer of SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) tests, The College Board wields great power over American education. Obviously, Coleman will foster a cozy relationship between ObamaCORE and SAT / AP. This maneuver furthers the Obama takeover of the schools in our country.

David Coleman — (1) who was the main writer of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, (2) who has never taught a day in K-12, and (3) who is now the head of The College Board and plans to align the SAT with the Common Core Standards — started a company called Student Achievement Partners.

The only thing that Student Achievement Partners does is Common Core Standards. The company played a leading role in development of the Common Core Standards and today the organization supports implementation of CCS.

If the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts are implemented in our nation’s schools, they will destroy the teaching of the great, time-honored classics of Western civilization and neutralize the belief in our school children that America is an exceptional nation.

Money and the Common Core Standards

The promise of federal money drove most of the states to adopt the Common Core Standards even before they were written. Under the guise of a federal competition, President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan convinced the states to drop their own state standards and embrace the unknown Common Core Standards.

The states signed on to the Common Core Standards without knowing the cost to implement the new standards. For many people, the high implementation cost of CCS is the easiest argument to understand. As taxpayers, we are vitally concerned about the burgeoning cost of government at the federal, state and local levels. The Common Core Standards represent another huge government program, and taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab. ObamaCORE is horribly expensive!



If Nebraska jumps on the Common Core bandwagon, it will cost the state about $115 million to implement the Common Core Standards. The State would need to spend $8 million on Testing, $42 million on Professional Development, $17 million on Textbooks, and $48 million on Technology. Where will Nebraska taxpayers find $115 million to pay for a mediocre set of education standards? http://educationviews...­


Nebraska has some important decisions to make. The State needs to dramatically improve its education standards during the present standards revision process. As I have suggested in other published articles, Nebraska has two very low cost alternatives to writing its own standards. Nebraska could easily utilize Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s English Language Arts Standards; they are excellent and absolutely FREE!

This is the link for the Omaha World-Herald article:­

This is the link for Dr. Stotsky’s ELA standards:


Alternatively, Nebraska could adopt the outstanding Texas Standards, deemed by education experts as the best in the country! The Texas Standards (for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) could easily be modified at very little cost. More importantly, the standards would advance the educational level of Nebraska’s students.

These are the links for the Texas Standards:

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) — http://ritter.tea.sta...­

Mathematics — http://ritter.tea.sta...­

Science — http://ritter.tea.sta...­

Social Studies — http://ritter.tea.sta...­

Without question, Nebraska should not adopt the mediocre Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards are of poor quality and will foster a “dumbing down” of Nebraska’s students. Instead of focusing on the basics, the Common Core (ObamaCORE) Standards promote the ideology of the writers. To make matters worse, ObamaCORE would cost the State of Nebraska $115 million to implement. Nebraskans can do much better!


Henry W. Burke
Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 359
This is a long video, but every connection between the UN, UNESCO, Achieve( Governor Heinemann is on this board), National Governors Assoc., , Bill Gates, Common Core, UN Agenda 21, Earth Charter etc...

Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 360
Dr. Koschnick is a child clinical psychologist and explained her deep concerns that the Common Core Standards are developmentally inappropriate for young children and could do psychological damage to little children.

Her presentation is highly engaging because she gives frequent real-life examples from real children as to how their brains function and what normal reactions are. She has a kindergarten child of her own.

Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 361
The NFF opposes Common Core for Nebraska's children

Nebraska is one of a handful of states that has not yet adopted the Common Core State Standards. Our state has resisted efforts by the federal government to go along with these national standards, even though millions in federal dollars are being dangled as an incentive. However, the Nebraska Board of Education is now considering contracting themselves with the US Department of Education and adopting the Common Core. Here are the reasons the NFF opposes the Common Core:

Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 362
Our friends at LEAP (Liberty Education Advocacy Project) are organizing Nebraskans to take an active interest in our children’s education and protect local control of our schools by stopping Common Core.

What is Common Core? Click here to learn more.

More information on how you can take action from LEAP’s Coordinator, Rachel Pinkerton:

LEAP Members and Friends,

Board the bus! It’s time to show the State Board of Education how important we believe their work to be, and how committed we are to helping them REPRESENT, not rule over, the people of Nebraska.

This will be Commissioner Roger Breed’s last meeting. He is retiring at the end of this month. The SBOE has been negotiating with PROACT Search, LLC, for their services to help locate our new Commissioner. What better time to remind the board members that they are accountable to the citizens of Nebraska, and that we want a Commissioner who answers to them, as our elected representatives, and NOT to the U.S. Department of Education?

It has been suggested that Commissioner Breed has helped to keep Nebraska out of Common Core. We need a new Commissioner who welcomes the opportunity to work in a state that rejects, in the words of the National RNC Resolution, the Common Core State Standards “nationwide straightjacket on academic freedom and achievement.”

Read more: http://americansforpr...­
Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 363

Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 364
Please watch Governor Heinmman views on Common Core­ Americans are already leaders in innovation. We don't need a global education system.
Darlene E.
user 14539080
Omaha, NE
Post #: 366
2. Call your local school board members and voice your concerns! Also consider coming to the next local school board meeting and giving them a copy of The Bluest Eye (one of the pornographic novels on the Common Core reading list for 11th grade) and asking them to read it aloud during the public comment period.

Here's the link to contact Omaha School Board members -- Justin Wayne, Matt Scanlan, & Lou Ann Goding are conservatives - let them hear from you!­.

Here's the link for the Elkhorn School Board members

Here's the link for Papillion/ LaVista School Board members - I have heard through the grapevine that they may be considering adopting Common Core - they need to hear from conservatives first!­

3. Call your state legislator - we have several good conservatives in the Omaha area that need to hear from you so they know what's going on! Senators Price, McCoy, Kintner, Murante, Smith, Nelson, Pirsch, Lautenbaugh, Janssen & Brasch need to know about this issue! Here's a helpful link so you can find out who your state senator is in case you don't know yet. http://www.nebraskale...­

Nebraska has an Americanism statute in place - here's the link for it! http://www.legislatur...­ the goals of Common Core definitely conflict with that and may even be considered illegal upon further analysis!


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