Visit to World Heritage Sites: Badami-Aihole-Pattadakal

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Badami offers an incomparable experience of our past culture and antiquity. Situated in a picturesque country-side at the mouth of sand stone ravine, Badami symbolises a treasure house of architecture and temple sculpture.The chalukyas, whose kingdom extended from the boundaries of Tamil country to the Narmada at the peak of its glory was established by Pulakesi in 540 A.D. who had made Badami their Capital. Attracted by the rich fertile land, the Pallavas of Kanchi invaded the kingdom and ruled it over for some years in the 8th century, till Vikramaditya I retrieved the kingdom back. Later wars saw the sultans of Bijapore, whose invading armies vandalised the priceless icons carved over a thousand years back. The kingdom was won over later by Marathas and eventually the British.The site is situated in the Bagalkot district of north Karnataka at a distance of 500 kms. from Bangalore,125 kms. from Hubli and 150 kms. from Belgaum.

The caves that are cut out of sand stone rock are four in number, at different elevations.The first cave is acclaimed to be the oldest and is dated at 578 A.D. It has exquisite carvings of Lord Shiv with 18 arms depicting 81 mudras which are poses in classical dancing. There are also other avatars of Shiv as Ardhanariswara and Harihara. The second and third caves are devoted to Vishnu as Trivikrama and Adhisesha seated on the coiled serpent. The fourth cave situated at the top is exclusively sculpted with Jain idols of Parshwanatha and Lord Mahavir along with other Thirthankars. The jain temple is said to have been built 100 years after the earlier temple in the caves below. The co-existence of different religions and their way of worship without any confrontation as epitomised by the proximity of Gods of various thought, reflects on the tolerance and accomodation of the people of that era. The influence of Jainism did not deprive the spread of Hinduism or the development of temple architecture is also evident. That the Kings of yore were staunch believers and sought personal elevation by constructing temples, tanks beside sculptures of mythological importance as a mark of Dharma Paripalan is a point worth appreciating.

Cave temples at different heights and the lake situated, just below the caves. A temple devoted to Bhutanath is located at the far end of the water body. A couple of mausoleums have been constructed in memory of the mughal kings who ruled the land, just below the caves. On the out-skirts of Badami at a distance of 5 kms. is situated the Banashankari temple of Chalukya period, with an extensive pool built opposite, in consonace with their architecture, named Harischandra Teertha. A few minutes drive away, is located the Hotel Badami Court which serves reasonably good food and have also lodging facilities at an affordable cost. The hotel faces a fine rock formation in red.


Pattadakal is situated at a further distance of 22 kms. from Badami which was used as a second capital of the Chalukyas and was mainly intended for coronation of kings who ascended the throne.A large stone tablet has all the names of 99 kings whose coronation was conducted here starting from Chandragupta Maurya. The inscriptions are in Poorva Kannada (Old Kannada) and describe the chronology of events. The kings had experimented with different kinds of architecture in building temples and one can see the Benares,Orissa,Andhra and Dravidian styles all in one place which has no parallel any where else. They form the blue print for construction of later day temples in south india. The Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna temples were built between[masked] A.D. to commemorate the victory of Vikramaditya I over Pallavas of Kanchipuram. This is a UNESCO declared, world heritage site.


Aihole earlier the Capital of Chalukya kings, is located at a furthr distance of 20 kms. from Pattadakal and the first experimentation of temple construction with stone blocks have been attempted here. It also houses a museum of ancient artefacts and sculptures.The Durga temple has a semi-circular apse and sanctum circled by a richly carved colonnaded passage way. It has over 100 richly carved temples. It is memorable visit one would cherish for long though a bit tiring, having to climb the rocks and extensively cover by foot inside the vast expanse of temples .


Friday Evening : BUS to BAGALKOT. (Option#2 : Direct train to Badami @ 15:40 from secunderabad. Whoever can start at that time on friday shall take this train)

DAY 1 : SATURDAY - Reach BAGALKOT and board bus to BADAMI.

-- Check into Rooms , FreshUp followed by breakfast.

Start for Aihole & Pattadkal and cover all the places by evening and return to Badami by 6PM.

-- Places to visit at Aihole : Durga Temple,Huchimalli temple,Ravalphadi Temple LadKhan Temple, etc

-- Places to Visit at Pattadkal : Virupaksha Temple, Sangameshvara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara temples etc

DAY 2: SUNDAY:- Try to cover as much as of places in BADAMI i.e., Cave Temples, Agatsya Lake, Bhoothanatha Temple. Mahakuta.. etc .

Start back to Bagalkot and Return Bus to HYDERABAD

(Option#2 : Direct train to secunderabad from badami @ 23:30 which reaches hyderabad around 11:30 AM on Monday. Whoever is OK with this time shall take this train)

MONDAY: Reach Hyderabad and Say TATA, BYE - BYE.

1) A Rucksack / haversack, in other words a bag u can put all your stuff in and hang on ur back, try to keep the bag less then 5 kgs
2) water - 2 lts
3) walking /sport shoes
4) Torch / Flashlight /headlight
5) 1 track pants/ loose trousers - full length & a T Shirt and other Toiletries needed.
6) Mosquito repellent.
7) Sleeping bags or blankets .
8) Photo Id (any valid card with your photograph and signature on it)

Important Instructions:
1) No smoking and no alcohol
2) No littering, no pollution of water
3) This is not a luxury trip, but all care has been taken to make your trip comfortable
4) ladies and gents accommodation is separate.
5) Food will be vegetarian & Non Vegetarian.
6) We carry Basic First Aid and if you need anything you can ask the organizers
7) if you feel unwell bring to the notice of the organizers immediately.

Cost : 3500/- (Includes Transportation, Local Travel and accomodation expenses only)

Advance payment of 1500 /- (Non Refundable) to be paid to book your slot.

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