Canceled Meetup

Polymorphic function values in Scala


You lost me at Polymorphic... Don't worry, big words are sometimes just concise ways to categorize things. The concept of Polymorphic functions become clear once you see their use in practice. In this session I'll take you through a common problem you'll face when dealing with higher-order functions in a statically-typed language like Scala, where you just can't get the types quite right.

During the course of the session I'll introduce you to the "Shapeless" library written by Miles Sabin and show you how to apply it to gain polymorphic function values in Scala.

This one might be a bit of a mind-bender, but that's why we have separated the Functional Programming group from the more "rubber hits the road" style JVM Group, so DON'T PANIC - after the meetup you can show mercy to those injured brain cells by killing them off completely at Garbonzos over a pint or three :)

Hope to see you, and please get your friends/collegues to sign up if they haven't already. The more the merrier!