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Meetup with the Lead Developer of JRuby!

Price: CA$20.00 /per person

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Charles Nutter is a consummate fixture of pretty much every conference I've attended. Usually, to me, that raises a red-flag that perhaps he's a professional conference speaker but under that there's no meat on them bones. That can't be farther from the truth. I always take in his talks and I'm always blown away by just how much Charles knows about language development and the inner workings of the JVM.

He can sit down in front of a page of byte-code and actually get you to understand what's going on. As lead developer of the JRuby project (the Ruby programming language running on the JVM) he has to know his stuff. I don't envy Charles' job, he probably asks himself "why am I doing this again?" Java people rarely want to take the Ruby guy's seriously ("Where are all the enterprise Ruby apps?"), and the Ruby devs want nothing to do with Java ("Cobol. Java. What's the difference?")

Charles is going to join us on Saturday March 15th at 10am to give us an overview of JRuby, and answer any of your burning questions. For instance, one might ask "Why JRuby?", and I'll bet Charles will have a great answer for you.

What we need

As we have to cover our costs for this event as far as flying Charles in and putting him up at a hotel, we're going to be charging $20/person. We need you to show your support for bringing leaders of our industry, like Charles, here to Winnipeg. Just click the link ( below to register. Space is somewhat limited, so please register soon to ensure your spot. You can eat $20 worth of food if you don't get your money's worth out of the talk (there will be food provided).

You need to pay for your spot using the link below, simply RSVP'ing to this meetup won't cut it!

Really looking forward to having Charles with us, and to show him the great developers and community we have here in Winnipeg!

P.S. For those who've never been to our UofM venue, it can be a bit tricky to get to because Google Street View's vehicles didn't do their pass when the building was up! So here's a nice image of the venue to help you along