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The Allen County Tea Party stands for every American, and is home to hundreds who have come together to pursue the American Dream and to keep that Dream alive for their children and grandchildren.
What unites the tea party movement is the same set of core principles that brought America together at its founding, that kindled the American Dream in the hearts of those who struggled to build our nation, and made the United States of America the greatest, most successful country in world history.

At its root the American Dream is about freedom. Freedom to work hard and the freedom to keep the fruits of your labor to use as you see fit without harming others and without hindering their freedom. Very simply, three guiding principles give rise to the freedom necessary to pursue and live the American Dream:

1. Constitutionally Limited Government or your Personal Freedom and Your Rights
2. Free Market Economics or Economic Freedom to Grow Jobs and Your Opportunities
3. Fiscal Responsibility or very simply, a Debt Free Future For You and Generations To Come

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History of Political Correctness

Americans For Prosperity Fort Wayne Office

Aug 17th Open Meeting on “World Shift”

Allen County Public Library - Dupont

Americans for Prosperity Open House

Americans For Prosperity Fort Wayne Office

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