What we're about

Are you a fan of the live arts? Are you looking for some friends who share your passion for theater? If the answer to these questions are yes then this is the only theater meetup group you will ever need. Come and meet some of the most enthusiastic theater fans in Philly with this group. We love plays, musicals, ballet, opera, orchestral... you name it, you will find it here with us. So get excite as we prepared for a brand new season of fun activities with Philly Theater Lovers.

Rules and bylaws

1. Please be respectful of all members. There's a 0 tolerance policy for any harassment either on line or in person. Any member who is found in violation of this policy will be immediately banned from this group and not allowed to rejoin.

2. Any fees associated with any events charge through this meetup must be paid in advance or at the conclusion of a particular event. All fees are non refundable.

3. 3 RSVP and no shows in any calendar year and you will be removed from the group. A cancelled RSVP within 24 hours of an event counts as a no show.

Payment Information:

Please note that when paying for our group events, you will see on your credit card statement the payee "Casual Gamers Welcome" or "WPY Casual Gamers Welcome" or some variation of that. This is 100% OK. I use to run a board game meetup and that was the name that I couldn't change. Please do not initiate a charge back if you see this payee. If you are not sure, you can contact me. A charge back costs me personally $15/occurrence, and creates lots of back tracking. I appreciate everyone's understanding. If you have any question please contact me directly at 281-786-6937.

Waiver of Liability

By joining this group, guests are agreeing to release all liability for any injury or body harm that occur directly or indirectly as a result of attending any event either sponsored by Theater Lovers, or advertises through Theater Lovers or any of it's affiliated sites.


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Wicked The Musical !

Needs a location

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

The Walnut Street Theater

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