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Black Dolls & Bearded Dapper Men! A Black Philanthropy Month Black Doll Affair

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Official Hashtag for this Affair: #dollsanddappergents

"Refreshing and needed for our youth! Astounding!" - Fred Binz, Go FundMe Donor

During Black Philanthropy Month (, I dedicate this Black Doll Affair to all our fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, POTUS and all other heroes and brothers making a difference in this world ...

Demonized, viewed as threats, portrayed to be a menace to society, black boys and men are taking a licking. As their sistas chant "#stillirise, our bold and fearless Brothas have kept on ticking.

During these times where our Brothas are literally under attack, let's come together and let them know that a sista got their back. Tired of being sick and sick of being tired, I went hunting for a "Guys & Dolls" Black Doll Affair where the Black Dolls could show their Brothas they care!

On the hunt for a campaign to make black men rise from pain, God put "A Brother's Duty" in my way. And then, I felt the duty to put it in yours....

Who are the "Bearded Dapper Gents (@beardeddappergents) ? Also know as BDG, they are a collective group of well dressed black men who happen to have beards. The group was formed to change the way black men are viewed in the eyes of the public....

Since The Black Doll Affair Brothas support our mission to change the way black girls are perceived and or perceive themselves, and the men of "Bearded Dapper Gents" have such a similar vision to change the world's perception of black people, I believe this "Guys & Dolls" Affair is absolute perfection! HELP "Bearded Dapper Gents" reach their goal to lift a Brotha up. Donate ( to their campaign now and through Black Philanthropy month! Go Fund Me:

When you donate let us know with the hashtag: #dollsanddappergents

Thanks again for living up to our dolling slogan of "Pretty...philanthropic!"


Mama Doll