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Welcome to Divorced Guys and The Network.

Divorced Guys was an original concept to help men impacted by divorce. Since our Meetup inception back in late 2011, this concept has migrated to The Divorce Men's Network (The Network); same concept, but just a bit more refined. Check out our website at http://thedivorcemensnetwork.org .

The Network is a 501(c)(3) non profit - devoted helping men impacted by divorce. We help men in four ways:

Educate - teaching men about all phases of divorce - from hearing "divorce" for the first time, to getting your life back together, becoming a better parent and a better partner after divorce

Advocate - is about helping men with their individual case, telling them what's real versus what's exaggeration

Support - is about building a community and creating a meeting format where men can go to talk and learn from other men experiencing the same situation.

Change - is about creating industry change one case at a time. As we grow in numbers and in an organized effort, we will help create a better divorce process.

Bruce, the organizer, Executive Director and Founder has spent over 10 years researching divorce, developing skills to help manage the impact of divorce, and adjusting The Network concept to be the best benefit to it's members.

We also bring in topical experts like lawyers, financial experts and parenting consultants to provide you with expert information.

One way we grow is through funding. We offer different membership levels and you can also contribute a tax deductible donation through our website http://thedivorcemensnetwork.org . Membership entitles you to come to as many meetings as you wish. We typically meet on Saturdays in the early evening around 5, but will be expanding to week nights soon.

Join the group, come to many meetings and please, spread the word about us. Still have questions, read a few testimonials below.


"Makes you realize you are not different from all other divorced men. There was laughter and insight towards all aspects of the divorce process."

"It easy for me to think my problem is "different" and nobody is equipped to give me good advice. Then, I show up at a meeting and hear 5 different versions of my problem and learn how to solve my problem."

"Excellent as usual guys! Great insights on breaking the emotional connection with ex- so we can move on to more meaningful and productive lives. Thanks for all you do!"

"This group offers HOPE because you find inspiration, motivation, and knowledge as you witness other men who are ahead of you in divorce process resolve their issues, get successfully divorced, and gain control of their lives."

"I was concerned at my first meeting that this would be a group of guys sitting around drinking bad coffee, licking their wounds and feeling sorry for themselves. It was nothing like that. We discussed strategies for negotiating with a soon-to-be ex-wife on issues like: parenting agreements, splitting assets, etc. We also spent time discussing dating: When it's the right time to start? Ways to gain self confidence, etc."

"It was great to meet up with a great group of guys. The group is as advertised and I came out of the meeting a lot more optimistic about the process. Check out a meeting, I wish I would have started attending months ago."

"I've learned how I can break the emotional connection with my ex-wife and still keep my emotional connection with my kids!"

"It was my first time at one of the meetings and I found it helpful. I like the approach and the people. They are honest and accepting and they pool their resources to help others. It exceeded my expectations and I plan to attend regularly."

"Coffee and Conversation with Divorced Guys has become an important part of restructuring my new life and helping me to move on."

"As I have said it time and time again. These meetings are so helpful and to be able to brainstorm with like minded individuals that can give priceless feedback and information to help overcome some obstacles in not just a seperation or divorce process, but also from a rebuilding yourself standpoint! Thank you to all of the members."

"This is just the group that any guy going through this process needs."

"Divorced Guys a group of guys getting together to help each other resolve issues, provide information and education on the divorce process, help set boundaries with your ex-wife, and support you to do what is right. They are way different and way better than any other divorce support group I've attended."

"Going through and dealing with divorce can be compared to the death of a family member. I thought my situation was unique and initially felt lost and alone. Bruce ...and the other members helped me realize I am not alone and they helped me change my attitude from "Divorce Sucks" to "Divorce Rocks!" I recommend this group to any guy that is in the process of divorce or dealing with the aftermath of divorce and attempting to move on."

"Great to see that the group is growing and becoming an important resource for men"

"The more meetings I attend the more I am finding that by helping the other guys I am helping myself."

"The best part about the group is that there are people at different points of this journey. The ones that are just ahead can share their recent experiences and the ones that are way ahead can help you see what life after divorce is like."

"Divorce is like two high school football teams. The first team has coaches and they've been planning, strategizing and practicing for years. The second team is a bunch of guys sitting on the sidelines, with no clue how the game is played. They don't really want to play in the first place, but they have no choice. The second team does their best, but the outcome is as predicted, with the first team kicking the second team's ass. The first team is the average woman and the second team is the average guy . . . This group changes that scenario. This is your new life, you gotta go to these meetings!"


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