Mind Games


In this fun interactive class, we will use thought provoking activities to reveal to ourselves our deepest most core beliefs. Only once you truly know yourself can you begin to consciously and deliberately create the life, love and happiness that you desire.

Every day we go through life thinking that we are fully in control, but what if that weren’t so? Whether we realize it or not, as we go through life, our experiences shape us in ways we don’t fully comprehend. Once identified, the evidence of this can be seen in our actions, thought patterns and the way our brain chooses to filter information. Your mind tricks you into thinking you are acting when you are really re-acting, and that your thoughts are fact when they really are a result of a bias perspective. This can be a harmful barrier that ruins relationships and opportunities.

Bring with you 1-2 specific areas where you are feeling stuck so that you can immediately begin to apply what you learn. Be ready for breakthroughs and epiphanies as you learn to Master the Games of your Mind.

Facilitator: Erica Peace is a natural intuitive that is passionate about helping others prosper, grow and heal through her multidisciplinary integrative energy practice. Besides having a degree in Interpersonal Communication, Erica has certifications in Yoga, Personal Training, Nutritional Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork