NEW - Learn to Read the Akashic Records - Level 2 Certificate Program

Hosted by The Gathering Lighthouse Spiritual Education Center

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This Level 2 progressed certificate program is for Cyn's prior Level 1 students. The limit is 10 students per class.

The Akashic Records (AR) offer us to access a wide set of data, often called your “Book of Life”—this is your soul’s entire life. So there is a plethora of information to help guide both you and your clients to your highest and best outcome.

In class 1, students learned the process and permissions needed to read client and personal records in the past and present for people, places, and animals.

In this Level 2 certificate class, students will be given exercises to stretch their ability to read deeper into the records and to uncover deeper truths that can include insights into what is going on with one's life including work, relationships, aspirations, creating abundance, seeing through patterns and karma. Exercises will be structured so that the readers can research at a deeper level to give better guidance. Some blocks and restrictions at soul level may surface, but clearings won't be accomplished in this class.

There will be another offering of this class in Feb 2020, followed by a Level 3 certificate class in 2020. To attend the level 3 program, participants will need Dowsing Level 1 in order to do energetic clearings in the AR.

Cost is $75 with RSVP on Meetup up to 2 days prior to class.
Cost is $95 without RSVP at the door.