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These unique jam sessions are opening up again - now with our very own venue! The Groove House is a musician's well-deserved getaway from Lisbon, a short retreat where you can jam with other musicians and feel totally safe in this new reality of social distancing. Our music room has big windows facing an inspiring view of nature, which also provides great ventilation throughout the whole house.

While Covid is around, unfortunately we're only taking experienced musicians who are able to quite effortlessly get into a simple groove. Not talking complex jazz standards, but we're looking for those who can pick up a simple chord progression by ear and really feel the groove. For the rest of you music lovers, we'd really love to welcome you once this thing blows over.

The day would start with a walk through our old grove forest (including a river swing!), make it to the Sunset Cove on time, jam in the music room, all while pizza slices are served just outside.

Stay tuned for details on the next jam session very soon!

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Groove House Jams @ BUS

BUS Paragem Cultural

Groove House Jams @ BUS

BUS Paragem Cultural

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