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Jam sessions in Lisbon tend to be aimed for advanced jazz players, which is why we go for a simpler, all-inclusive approach, where anyone and everyone is welcome to come and join in. Regardless of the range of musicianship, these sessions seem to work well in creating harmony - as long as each one of us remembers the power of listening and sensitivity to the jam as a whole.

These meetups have been helping to create a friendly network of music lovers for over a year now. Whether you're a musician, singer, or listener, your presence will always be really appreciated. There's hardly a better way to wind down from a stressful week than getting together with old and new friends while floating in a sea of music :)

The jams usually start with some free flow improvisation, then after a short break we take some requests for any singers out there, before finishing with some popular songs that might inspire the audience to sing along ;) All lyrics and tabs are shown on a big screen so no need to memorize a thing.

Here's a Facebook group to encourage people to post their pictures and videos of each night: https://www.facebook.com/groups/groovehousejams/

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Groovy Jam

Crew Hassan

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Groove House Jams @ BUS

BUS Paragem Cultural

Groove House Jams @ BUS

BUS Paragem Cultural

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