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Are you at a crossroads in your life, you know you need to make a change but aren't sure how? Do you have outstanding desires and dreams that have been pushed to the furthest recesses of your mind while you ‘get on with life’? Are there things you are looking forward to doing in the next 10-15 years but are not sure how you will ever achieve them?

As we get older we get smarter and coping with everything that life throws our way. We manage our jobs, our families, our holidays and things that ‘need to be done now’. If you stop for a moment and consider ‘what else’ would I like to do, if only I could, what would that look like?

Are you waiting for something to happen before you can ‘get around to it’ for something that is just for you and that benefits no-one else? Are you coping, or maybe not really, with some major life changing event that is causing you to reconsider so many things that you took for granted, and never for a moment thought about the situation have you now found yourself in?

We know that everyone is unique and that your dreams and aspirations need to be very specific to fulfil you. How often have you joined a programme that is ‘one size fits all’ and then find that actually it doesn’t really fit you at all. You manage to adapt for a while but then you drift off and things return to how they were before.

Perhaps you aren’t sure about what your real dreams might look like – have you been playing someone else’s fiddle for that long?

No worries, we will be interviewing experts in various fields, health, diet, exercise, motivation, emotions and other specialities. These free webinars may well resonate and rekindle something deep inside of you that perhaps will make you will want to look at “whats next for you”.

We will also be holding exclusive and limited Q&A sessions with our experts. Here you can put your question to the expert and have it answered directly to you whilst gaining insights from the other questions posed during your exclusive Q&A session.

We will also be running a series of workshops on various subjects. These workshops will cover subjects like Balance your Life, Passion and Purpose, Exploring Self-Limiting Beliefs, Mindfulness for Daily living, Essence of You vs Conditioned You and Understanding the Energy Types.

What makes our workshops different is that we start off by working out your energy type. Based upon The I-Ching, there are 4 energy types. We all have a dominate energy and are a unique mixture of the 4 energy types. We use a profiling tool to work out what your energy type is. Each of the 4 energy types think, communicate and see that world slightly differently. This can explain why there are some people we instantly connect with, we "get them" but others we scratch our heads wondering what they are talking about or how they can behave the way they do.

Once you understand your energy type it will help you work out the activities in life that get you into "flow", you will understand why somethings always seem like a challenge but most importantly you will gain an insight into how to communicate effectively with people of the other energy types. By applying all this knowledge we can signpost you to the right activities and next steps that you need to take to make effective change in your life.

We look forward to welcoming you to the group and hope to see you at some of our events in the near future.

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