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What we’re about

Who we are: The Hillseekers are a hiking community in the 25-55 age range, made up of likeminded souls who share a love of the outdoors & meeting new people!

We hold events in the Peak District, Lake District & the Yorkshire Dales with periodic trips further afield. Our hikes range in difficulty & we provide information on each hike we run so you can be sure to find one to suit your ability.

What we are about: The Hillseekers is an authentic, welcoming and light hearted community with a clear focus on allowing our group to be themselves in a safe environment. To ensure we maintain the environment we strive for, we operate under some clear values which we require all our Hillseekers to uphold at all times.

Our Hike Organisers: As part of our efforts to maintain our values, all our hike organisers are DBS checked which is verified by at least two other members of the group. Whilst none of our organisers are currently qualified as mountain or hill leaders, they are all experienced hikers and we are always looking for training and opportunities to grow as a group.  If you are looking for formally qualified professional hike leadership and advice this group is not for you.

What does it cost: We suggest a small donation of £1 or £2 per person for each of our hikes. This helps us to cover the cost of the Meetup group and associated admin such as DBS checks. As we are not a business, any remaining funds will be donated annually to a selected Mountain Rescue charity, with the amount posted on our Instagram page each year.

Our Core Values at a glance

• Show your face
• Be Kind & Inclusive
• Be Sensible

• Be Considerate
• Be Prepared

• Well behaved dogs allowed subject to Hike leaders approval

Our Core Values in Full:

Show Your Face

Those joining the group are required to use a clear solo profile picture. Anyone not using a clear photo of themselves will be refused group entry. This is for group safety and to enable other members to clearly identify you as a member of the group.

Be Kind & Inclusive

We want our group to be safe, welcoming and inclusive for all. Your enjoyment and comfort within this group should not be affected by another members behaviours, words or actions at any time.  If in doubt or concerned please report this to a member of the leadership team in confidence”

We operate a zero tolerance approach on discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind. Those found to be going against these values will be removed from the group immediately.   We actively encourage all Hillseekers to speak up to any member of our leadership team in person or via our group email with any concerns or feedback. We want an environment where all feel safe to speak up.

Be Sensible

All Hillseekers are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing on the hikes and for coming suitably prepared for each hike.  This incudes being physically fit enough for the chosen hike and ensuring you have the right selection of equipment, food & drink.  Hike organisers will request those not suitably prepared to refrain from joining us on the hike.

Be Considerate - Our No Show & Cancellation Policy

Whilst we know life can get in away and things happen, we also firmly believe that courtesy and consideration to others are key to our group dynamic and as such we have a fair and firm stance on cancellations and no shows. The big thing here is to talk to us. Especially if nerves are the reason behind you not coming.

On the day
Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled hike start time. Whilst we appreciate that delays can happen, each hike will set off when the hike organiser deems it necessary and we will not always be able to wait due to sunlight, public transport etc.
Failure to notify us of you being unable to attend on the day will be recorded as a no show in all cases.

The Days before
Prior to the day of the hike, if you are unable to attend please give us as much notice as possible. Our leaders spend their time and money putting on hikes and we therefore ask you to bear in mind both this and the fact your no show may have prevented somebody else from attending. At the very least we require written 12 hours notice in advance of the hike start time that you are unable to attend, if this policy is breached a no show will be recorded. This includes not removing yourself from Meetup as attending.

  • 1 No Show = final warning
  • 1 Late Cancellation - No show applied to profile
  • 2 Late Cancellations - No show applied to profile & final warning
  • 3 Late Cancellations - Suspension

We have a Hillseekers mobile/whatsapp which can be used for on the day/last minute communication and this can be reached on: 07526 700607

Be Prepared

As a rule, our hikes range from moderate (minimum 10km with under 400 metres ascent) through to strenuous and challenging (over 20km with over 400 metres ascent and some potential scrambling).

If you are not physically fit or comfortable enough to manage these walks unfortunately our community is not currently for you.

Well behaved dogs (and owners)

We are happy to allow well behaved dogs to join us on hikes which are suitable for our canine friends on the basis that they are well behaved, kept on a lead around livestock and the owner takes full responsibility for them and their interactions with the group. There will be certain walks that are not suitable for dogs and we will post this on the event page.