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The purpose of this group is to get right into the marrow of current business issues, changing technology, and trends in managing/developing a growing business. If you are starting, running, or managing a business this meetup is for you!

The majority of the topics will center on the internet, web technology, brand consistency, and marketing with social media. Topics will be presented in a seminar format with active discussion encouraged after the seminar. Participants will walk away from the seminar with notes, and resources specific to the topic presented.

Speakers can consist of anyone with a solid/provable background in the topic they wish to present. Speakers will be compensated, and participants will pay $20-40 per meeting. (This will cover the cost of the speaker, room, and any food or drink provided). Members of the group can suggest topics, and content will be shaped around trends in branding, design, marketing, and social media. There will be re-occurring series on central technologies such as online media, social media, and website creation/management.

The main goal of this Meetup is to answer questions like:

How do I create/manage a website on a shoestring budget?
How do I create professional company image on a small business budget?
How do we use social media to generate revenue?
What is Blogging and why should my company do it?
Is Facebook right for my company and what can I do with it?
What are email campaigns and why can they help me understand my clients/customers?
How do I effectively use analytics to get an edge on my competition?
Why is consistent branding so important and how do I achieve it cost effectively?
What is persona marketing and how can it increase my audience by 10 fold!
How do I blog effectively?
How can I explain my company in 60 seconds or less?
How is video reshaping the internet and how can I integrate it in to my company’s image/website?
It there an easy way to integrate Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook into my website?
What are the basics of beautiful branding?
How do I create material people will read? - The art of postcards, ads, brochures, and layout.
What are the trends in marketing design?
What are the right mediums for my industry?
Ok…I have some money for Ads – how do I spend it effectively? And what can I expect in return?

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