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Attracting Your Divine Partner (Sherman Oaks)

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Attracting Your Divine Partner is a four hour workshop centered on the idea that we tend to not mature romantically. We hover in an adolescent belief system about love, as adult romance is not modeled for us. In the workshop, we spend the first three hours clearing away the root of limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns in every aspect of your life. The last hour is dedicated to manifesting what you want. This process leaves you feeling clear about who you are, how powerful you are, and what action to take to be in harmony with the relationship you want.

The seven steps of this process are:
- Getting Into Your Own Energy
- Letting Go of the Past
- Releasing Outdated Beliefs from Past Lives
- Definition of Roles with Aspects of Yourself
- Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies
- Angelic Speed Dating
- Visioning From Your Soul’s Perspective

Come join us and experience a new perspective of action steps you can take to attract your divine partner!

**People who are married or in a relationship are encouraged to take the workshop. A simple adjustment can be made in the manifesting part of the process.

Watch a short video introduction (

**There will be opportunities during the workshop to process the changes through writing. If you have a favorite journal, please feel free to bring it.

This workshop is for individuals of any age and sexual orientation.

$88 - All forms of payment are accepted at the door.

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