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What we’re about

Welcome to The Invisible Me Warriors - Chronic Illness Advocates!

We created a meetup and nonprofit for local people who live with 161+ Chronic Illness or Invisible Disabilities in Palm Beach County. We discuss, share, laugh, and conquer the misconceptions regarding these disabling conditions. 


The Invisible Me Warriors Chronic Illness Advocates is a patient lead non-profit organization established in Summer of 2018 to fulfill the unmet needs of the Chronic Illness community in the Palm Beach County. We provide the “spoonie” community with support advocacy, and tools to those conquering chronic illness. The foundation staff, which includes licensed social workers, disability coordinators and certified patient advocates, provides various resources to support warriors , their families and their caregivers. 


The Invisible Me Warriors Chronic Illness Advocates (IMW) Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower those living with chronic illnesses. Our mission is to provide help so warriors live better through chronic illness. 


If you are living with chronic illness, rare disease or an invisible or visible disability and its related rheumatic conditions and/or are newly diagnosed, a seasoned vet or somewhere in between, you are invited to join us!

Adults of any age are welcome to participate in our support groups. And yes, adult loved ones, friends and caregivers are more than welcome!

About this Supprt Group:: 

My vision for this support group is it is a place where families, caregivers, and warriors can all interact and speak openly about struggles and triumphs while the foundation advocates and fights for resources to find better options and cures. Where warriors can help each other along the way with pep talks and a shoulder to lean on. Where a caregiver can vent about how sometimes they feel like they are not doing enough when they are doing their best and be told that every little thing they do matters. Where a person new to the journey can be told its ok to feel lost because we will help guide them through this storm.