Guided Meditation Heart expansion


Last class of the year. Class starts at 6:30pm, try to arrive 10mins before to settle in. Try to wear comfortable clothes. Bottled water is provided. Try not to eat a heavy meal or drink caffeine before class. Over the 10yrs that I have facilitated classes I have witnessed what stages students go through in their development to awaken their abilities within themselves. The classes include a 1hr meditation (which is partially lead, if you haven't meditated for this lenght of time before you will get used to it quickly). Each week there is a topic that is brought up for discussion on spiritual/Intuitive development. The class is OPEN FORUM. The cost per week is $20.

In these classes you will learn: How to become aware of your own energy. Clear your field and raise your frequency. Understand how your body reacts to spirits presence. How we use our senses, personal life experiences and knowledge to help in our communication with spirit. What messages spirit use for connecting to us here in the physical. What you can expect to happen as you progress and much more.