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Without question it's about "Long Island", the people, the places and the status that this Atlantic coast retreat means to the state of New York. A glorious 100 plus mile stretch of sequential beauty, surrounded by wind, water and fresh air abound. This suburban sanctuary, long a popular venue for fishing an sailing, has always been regarded as a great place to raise a family. And with good reason, for as they say, "It takes a village to rear a child", well in the case of the Island it only required a consortium of forward thinkers to whom is owed an abundance gratitude.

And where over time this magnetism is what would be the essential ingredient for attracting like-minded residents. And frankly that's what prompted me to step up and preserve this group, a group that after I sifted through member profiles. The one thing that captured my attention was the amount of mature looking adults that I came across, one after another. And as far as I'm concerned, that projects to be a potential quality that initially I recognized. For I'm a writer with enough intellectual property to know which kinds of characters would work well with what's in my portfolio, and if the truth be told, I like what I see, and I look forward to with working the members,,, stay tuned.

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