Lotus Holiday Mart & Wellness Fair


Happy Holidays from Lotus Wellness Center!


Please join us for a great day of shopping, healing and FREE workshops with the team of Lotus Wellness Center. We will have homemade and original gifts on sale for your christmas list of loved ones!

All sessions with healers are $1/min with a 10 min minimum. Come on out and shop and relax in comfort!

1) Uma Alexandra Beepat: Uma is the owner of Lotus Wellness Center and a well known spirit communicator in the area. Uma mentors students in psychic spiritual development, have written best selling books and teaches/speaks internationally. Uma will be autographing her book, "The Awakened Life" and selling for $10 and also autographing and selling the Amazon Best Selling book, "Heal Yourself" for $10. Uma is offering 10 card celtic cross readings for $20.

2) B Carlton: Angel "B" will be here to offer readings! Beth Carleton is an Ordained Angel Minister, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER ®, Certified Angel Messenger, Reiki Master, author and owner of “Angels Whispering Light”. She delivers angel messages for clients throughout the world in person, via telephone and Skype, and is simply known as “B”. You can prebook with B by E-mail: [masked] or Phone:[masked].

3) Niki King: Niki is the resident Yoga instructor at Lotus and Master Healer. Niki will be offering mini sessions in Reiki, IET, Readings and Access Bars. Niki is also selling home made sugar scrubs and bath soaks!

4) Lindsey Robinson: Lindsey is a Master Healer at Lotus and she will be offering mini sessions in Reiki, Access Bars, Tuning Fork therapy and Chakra Balancing. Lindsey is also selling custom blends in essential oils!

5) Jason Knepper: Jason is the resident Astrologer at Lotus and will be offering mini astrology sessions. Please come with knowledge of your birth time if possible!

6) Rae Roach: Rae will be offering information on Women Helping Women Retreats.

7) Caity Carleton: Caity Carleton is the owner of Infinite Energy Wire Wraps and a Reiki practitioner. She combines her artistic flare with her love for gemstones and their properties to produce one-of-a-kind, wire wrapped pendants. These pendants are not only beautiful to the eye, but each wrapped stone serves a purpose. After creating each piece, Caity focuses on the vibrational frequency of the stone, names the pendant, and writes a description including it’s metaphysical properties. Each pendant is cleansed with positive energy through a combination of sound alignment with the crystal singing bowl and Reiki infusion.

8) Cheryl Giannelli, owner of Peace & Laughter will be selling tumbled and natural crystals, gemstone bracelets, and Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wands for elixirs and gift ideas for the holidays!

9) Carleigh Kaiser: Carleigh will be selling unique Light Language art pieces for your home!


10.30am: Living the Awakened Life with Uma

11am: Healing with the Angels with Niki

11.30am: What is Light Language? with Carleigh

12pm: Massage School with Mary 12.30pm: Energetic Boundaries with Lindsey

1pm: Women Helping Women Retreats with Valerie 1.30pm: Advanced Auric Theory and Practice with Jason

2pm: Yoga with Niki 2.30pm: Topic with Rae 3pm: Tuning Fork Therapy with Lindsey

3.30pm: Heal Thy Self with Uma