Bended Not Broken Storytelling Circle

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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Sometimes life can be tough and it can try to break us.

But it doesn't. It may take us down on a knee but still we get back up and keep going.

There is much healing, love and support in telling our stories. Sometimes we just need to share, to be heard and to connect with others of a similar fate. Sometimes we just need to listen.

In this unique meetup, participants can either attend to listen or to share their story. We will choose storytellers through a lottery and each speaker will get 5 minutes to talk and share on their story.

The topic for February is "And Still I Rise"

Come, participate, listen and hold space.

Let us bring back the storytelling circles of old, of our grandmothers and grandfathers. Let us honor the ways of ancient times. Let us tell our stories.

*Please note, Uma and the facilitators of Lotus Wellness Center are NOT medical practitioners or psych therapists. This is not a counseling session. If you suffer from a history of mental health disorders or under the care of a physician, please seek treatment with them.*

Cost: $20

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