Creating the Manifestation Frequency

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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This class is Part of Rob's Coaching Series, you do not need to take prior classes to participate!

Join Rob in this fascinating class that delves deep into your heart center to identify what truly makes you tick. Once this knowledge is known, the insight will prove to be the catalyst you need to make your mantras, affirmations and any manifestation technique work to a higher degree!

Class Objectives:

• Seek and find dark spots in consciousness that unknowingly hold you back

• Address the topic of mantras and affirmations to bring greater results

• Discuss the duality of life and how it affects you personally

• Understand what frequency and vibrations play in your manifesting ability

• Provide tools and techniques to harness your unique power for change

Students will come away feeling inspired, amazed and ready to do the work that is necessary to achieve their results in their own life.

Come out for this self development class to learn to live life from your heart center and finally rid yourself of inconsistencies within your manifestations.

Cost: $20

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