Online Class-Rediscovering My Soul Plan

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Price: $45.00 /per person
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DO you struggle with questions such as:

* What's my life purpose?

* Why am I here?

* What am I suppose to do?

Uma is the creator of the Soul Plan reading which she does for her clients frequently. She uses a mix of numerology and astrology to figure out WHY you are here and WHAT you are predisposition to do and be.

This class is an online Zoom webinar and part of the ongoing online mentorship program which started in January. Participants are free to attend this single class as a stand alone event or opt to join in on the online mentorship program.

What to bring to class:
1) You will need a computer with working audio and visual to see and hear Uma and her powerpoint slides.

2) Have your name as it is on your birth certificate and knowledge of your birth date, time and place.

This is a facilitated webinar where Uma will teach you how to calculate certain aspects of your numerology report and astrology report to gather this crucial information to know your path and plan in life.

Join us and let's REDISCOVER who you ARE!

Cost: $45

To Join:
1) RSVP here
2) Pay here: (please attach note that you are prepaying for the Online March Class)
3) You will be emailed a registration link and given a password to enter the chat room on Monday March 4th.
4) Bring a pen and paper to the online class and join us!