Foundations for a Spiritual Healer

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What do you need to master to have the spiritual business you want, desire and deserve?

Start your practice out with a personal in-depth review of the foundations you need for your new or existing business.

Learn what it is to have tolerations that go against your core values while learning to embrace the duality that lies within.

Learn how to bring in your heart center to line up with your thoughts, so you truly understand what you are putting out that the universe is giving back.

The Law of Attraction is working for you, so we need to take a look at what you’re manifesting over and over. Whether you are complicating your life or making it a wonderfully joyous existence, you are manifesting it.

Many people start businesses and do not know why they are not succeeding. That is because they fail to understand the importance of their own heart center, emotional intelligence, and duality.

As we get older we are being forced to embrace chaos and learn how to make decisions based on the increased number of variables and a decreased number of cause and effects.

We need to learn how to embrace our true values, integrity, intuition, and emotional intelligence, while establishing healthy boundaries to really make our businesses survive and thrive!

Just as a tree needs a deep and strong foundation to support its weight and withstand the environmental stressors, we also need a strong foundation to include:

· extensive boundaries

· high levels of integrity

· high standards

· resolution of the past

· building a strong community, network and family

· a healthy reserve of time, space, opportunities, money and energy

· an absence of tolerations

· personal needs that are completely satisfied

· our core values being expressed through our integrity

· An understanding of our true heart as well as our emotions

With any of these being weak, you may not weather the storm without carrying part of the storm forward with you. This event is all about illuminating the weaknesses in us all, while putting the tools in place to help ease past issues and to learn how to use these tools so that the next storm you do not carry forward.

This workshop will bring in great insight into your current business or give you the advantage you need to start one!

Event fee is $95 which covers all materials.