Astrology Workshop - What is the compass for my life?

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Price: $50.00 /per person
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Welcome astrologically-curious souls! The moment we are born, the stars and planets are aligned in a particular way that sets the tone and our predispositions for our lives.

Most beginning classes are all about what parts of you are described by your Sun sign, Moon sign, etc., but this class is going to be a little different.

There are two 'compasses' that are part of everybody's chart, and we all tend to navigate our way through life under their influences, sometimes without even realizing it. In this class our resident astrologer Jason will be giving you his take on these life-guides, and how two people with the same compasses will end up in entirely different places in life.

What you will need: 1) if you have a natal chart, by all means bring it! Jason will be using pieces from attendee's charts to show differences and similarities. 2) Pen/pencil and paper if you want to take notes

Cost: $50/person
Duration: 2 hours

About the speaker:
Jason Knepper has been walking on the metaphysical side of life for more than 20 years, is the on-staff astrologer for Lotus Wellness, a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness practitioner, and has tried his hand at anything that has caught his fancy in all that time. He finds that helping others to expand their worlds is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.