Sacred Dreams Workshop

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Price: $25.00 /per person
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Dreams are messages from Spirit, spoken to us when we are finally quiet enough to listen.

Have you ever woken from a dream knowing that the vivid images held a message for you, but not knowing what they meant?

We constantly look to others for direction and answers, but most never take advantage of the personalized guidance given each night from Spirit.

Your dreams hold the answers to those questions you’ve been asking. Your dreams hold the key to your higher purpose on earth. It’s time to learn that dreams are given to you for a reason.

Whether you are an avid dreamer or someone who believes they can’t remember their dreams, Lotus Wellness Center invites you to the Sacred Dreams Class.

Join to explore the dreamworld and learn:
• The important role that dreams play in personal and spiritual growth
• The history and methods of dream interpretation
• Techniques to remember and record your dreams
• How to communicate with your dreams and become your own dreamworker

Cost: $25
This three-hour Sacred Dreams course is $25.00 to attend. Participants will receive electronic copies of the dream interpretation templates and an invitation to an upcoming online dream group.

The Facilitator: Christina Prevatt
Chris trained in spiritual mentorship and dreamwork at Atlantic University, the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia Beach. For over ten years, Chris has studied at the Edgar Cayce's Association for Enlightenment and mentored under spiritual leaders from across the U.S. Chris has also recently mentored under both Uma and Rob, and is a current student of Uma’s Spiritual Mentorship program.

Chris was living in Maryland prior to enlisting in the Air Force and traveling the world. She has worked with people of all spiritual beliefs and maintained a passion for spiritual studies. As an “epic dreamer”, she has studied many dream interpretation techniques, which has led to several life changing messages from Spirit. Now she wishes to share those techniques with others.