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Are you feeling tired and lethargic and don't know why?

Maybe you have done all the medical tests and exams and the medical community still doesn't know why you are feeling the way you are?

Have you entertained the thought that it may be something more than a physical problem?

Many scientists and healthcare professionals are coming out the woodwork testifying to the healing power of the MIND. Movies are being made on the power of prayer. This stuff WORKS!

Join Uma, as she explores the realm of health and wellness and share her knowledge and experience in creating perfect health within your own body.

Included in this special workshop is:

• Uma's talk on how she healed herself permanently of hypothyroidism

• Chanting of the health mantra to increase vitality and wellness

• Access Clearings to remove blocks to instantaneous healing.

*Clients book this session with Uma for $125/session but you get this wonderful, insightful and healing workshop for only $45!!! Sign up now as space is limited

Cost: $45 prepaid on Paypal (www.paypal.me/lotuswellnesscenter/45)
$55 at the door in either exact cash or credit card.

Client Testimonials:

"I have a long term relationship with horrible skin conditions due to an early exposure to mold. I attended Uma's meditation and miraculously the skin conditions cleared up overnight!"-B.D

"I was seeing Uma for a series of sessions as I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I would come with my oxygen tank. In the first session, I don't know what she did but all the oxygen in the tank was used up! In the second session, I brought an extra tank and when my first tank used up, I attached the second tank and went home. Well I didn't attach it properly and found out when I went home. I was breathing on my own for 45 minutes!"

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