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Price: $155.00 /per person
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Become a Reiki I healer in this very informational class! Learn to work on yourself of physical ailments, emotional wounds and spiritual issues.

As a Reiki I healer, you become attuned to the Reiki energy and your world expands with the limitless possibilities of the universal energy working through you.

In this class you will learn:

• The theory and dynamics of Eastern healing

• The difference between Eastern and Western healing modalities

• The five Reiki principles

• The meaning of Reiki and how it works

• The process of ceremonial attunements

• The history of Reiki and your lineage

• How to use the 12 step Reiki self healing process in daily practice.

Class cost:

$155 to attend class, attunement, manual written by Uma and certificate as endorsed by IARP.

Join us for a very special initiation and learn why so many are turning to Reiki for their self healing and evolvement!

Instructions to follow prior to class (not mandatory):

1) Three days prior to class, if you can, refrain from junk food, alcohol and cigarettes.

2) Wear white clothing on the day of your class and attunement. Bring pen and paper with you to take notes.

The Facilitator: Rob Pritchard

Uma has personally mentored and trained Rob in Usui Shiki Ryoho. Rob is also trained in Kundalini Reiki and Komyo Reiki. He has been teaching Reiki since 2012 at Lotus and his center The Healing Frequency in Warrenton.

In addition to the Reiki classes Rob hosts monthly, Rob hosts a free Reiki share once a month at The Healing Frequency to give his students a safe place to practice and receive healing.

To learn more about Rob, visit

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