Sacred Womb Meditation: The Womb Room

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This guided meditation experience was carefully crafted to establish a deeper connection the divine feminine that resides within every woman. Participants are invited to connect with their higher sacred feminine guides to gain clarity, cultivate strength, and provoke her innate wisdom.

Within our sacred seat lies an incredible gift of creativity, intuition, and manifesting abilities. The Womb Room meditation take you to the source of that incredible gift. Develop a deeper connection with your feminine spirit guides and your higher feminine self, and raise your feminine frequency and awareness.

This guided mediation is not about “sugar and spice and everything nice”, but a chance to interact with our personal beliefs of being a woman and how that shows up in our world. In doing so, we stand taller, love ourselves more, and raise or feminine frequency.

We will also reflect and journal in this meditation, please be sure to bring a journal or notebook to maximize your experience.

Send energetic exchange to: or $25 (Exact change; cash only) upon arrival

Deanna specializes in sacred bodywork and services for women. As a Certified Womb Massage Specialist, she encourages women to reawaken and tend to the creative, intuitive, and manifesting abilities that lies within her sacred seat. Through womb massage, womb meditations, and other unique services she offers at Lotus Wellness Center, Deanna assists women with reconnecting with the divine gifts of her womb all while improving her sexual vitality and overall reproductive/hormonal health.

Join Deanna for womb and divine feminine monthly meditations and sacred self-care workshops and establish alignment and appreciation for the divine feminine within.