Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation - Feed the Fires Within

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Feed the Fires Within - A Crystal Singing Bowl meditation with Jason!
Date – May 31st 2019, 7pm-9pm
Place – Lotus Wellness Center
Length of session – 2 hours
Price - $25/person - I take cash, credit, and Paypal

The instincts and drives that manifest from our 'gut' are the 'fires' that we circle around to keep ourselves warm and safe in the vastness of the world. This warmth and light can consume itself down to the coals, making us feel cold, alone, and completely unfulfilled in life.
This session is devoted to empowering Swadhisthana, the orange Sacral chakra.
We begin by opening your Crown chakra to the infinite universe with the first singing bowl, expanding your horizons to their outer limitations, and as far as you can go.
Then a different crystal bowl and another visualization are used to open the Swadhisthana chakra, and the two vortices are connected, allowing the infinite to manifest in you and through you with every breath you take, and expanding your ability to draw upon the infinite in every moment of your life.
Come to this meditation session and remind your body what it's like to really breathe freely!
What to bring: a pillow and/or a yoga mat, if you're so inclined, as we'll be sitting on the floor (I highly recommend using the floor if at all possible, as I prefer not to have people falling out of their chairs!), water or other drinks of your preference, and dress comfortably!

Jason Knepper has been walking on the metaphysical side of life for more than 20 years, is the on-staff astrologer for Lotus Wellness, a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness practitioner, and has tried his hand at anything that has caught his fancy in all that time. He finds that helping others to expand their worlds is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.