Full Moon Ritual-Recalling Soul Fragments & Cord Cutting

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The Full Moon is a time of letting go, releasing and moving on.

But do we really?

Sometimes we can physically leave a person, place or thing but still have attachments to it.

In cases like this, it can feel like we are not "over" it, we feel exhausted, we have dreams or reminisce or miss their presence.

In this workshop, Uma teaches how to recall your soul fragments and restore your peace, calm and balance. We will also have an interactive exercise in cord cutting.

What to bring:
1) Pen and Journal
2) Scissors
3) Selenite Wand
4) Frankincense Oil

Please note, you will be barefoot for a portion of this workshop. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can wear socks but barefoot is preferred.

Cost: $20

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