Energetic Protection Workshop

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Your energy is important for your health, safety, peace of mind and wellness. If your energy is attacked, drained or misused, you will feel blocks and issues in your physical body, mental/emotional/spiritual layers of your aura.

In this two hour workshop, Uma will explain how the aura works/reflects your energy, how to protect the aura and how a body breaks down with a an energetic block/attack.

- Discuss the human being in the physical and spiritual dimensions
- Discuss the Energy Scale and how an attack is made possible
- Discuss the anatomy of a spiritual block & how it works through the aura
- Discuss the difference between Eastern and Western Healers in healing methods and addressing blocks
- Discuss the difference between earth bounds and crossed over spirits.
-Discuss psychic vampires and direct/indirect psychic attacks
-Discuss various energy protection techniques

- Learn how to protect self & home with the Archangel Michael prayer of protection
- Uses of salt in protection techniques
- What Sage/Incense does and do not do
- Learn dry bathing techniques
- Learn how to banish earth bounds from home and other places
- Learn how to open and close your auric energy
- Learn how to raise your vibration to prevent attacks

What to bring:
Please bring a pair of dowsing rods with you and paper/pen. You can make dowsing rods out of wire hangers (google to find out!)

You will receive ALOT of information and practice time to try out your new techniques.

$46.50 Paypal/Credit Card if prepaid
$55 cash and $56.50 Paypal/Credit Card at the door