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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

2 Love Drum Circle

New Orleans · 70121, LA

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We meet every third Wednesday and sometimes on Full Moons or New Moons. We will announce our location, usually outdoors in good weather, a few days before the the next scheduled circle.

I think the word circle is important to what we are. A circle can be tightened or widened to allow for growth or expansion. A circle can "hold space" for someone or something missing when we want to honor their absence through a spirit of their presence.

This is a community circle and all levels are welcome. No talent necessary. No courage required. All ages, ethnicity, sizes, shapes, colors and abilities welcome. Members of the circle can try out a chant, a song, a poem, a dance, a ritual or whatever short and easy piece that we can all try to join in and respond. We will have some extra instruments but bring a drum if you have one and any you are willing to share. Other types of instruments are welcome too. We want all voices and all beats or misbeats to come to the circle. There is no bad rhythm. Experienced and beginner sit side by side. We all bring different experiences to the circle, but when we drum, it is one circle--One Love!

In times of social upheaval, group body gatherings keep us secure, sane, and connected. Love Drum gatherings could be described as Neo Tribal. We do not borrow from any one drumming tradition, but rather from any that create a community voice of many drums. Neo Tribal usually suggests an aspiration to recapture some of the gathering and ritual traditions that tend to hold smaller societies together as a culture with some unifying purpose. We do not mean to trivialize or disrepect the cherished practices that belong to indigenous cultures. Rather it is our intent to imitate the spirit of cultures that use community arts such as drumming, singing, chanting, dancing or game playing to better live and work together, as well as to bring community witness to individuals needing to expresses their feelings or stories of personal struggle. Such activities help to heal individuals as well as the community and should be emulated in an effort to regain some of the tribal experience lost in our country when we become too individualistic, divisive, or socially distrustful. Love Drums works from the premise that people are not meant to heal is isolation.

Love Drums is one facet of an organization, called A Growing Place for Practice in Collaborative Community, designedto reawaken the spirit and skill of collaboration. A retreat house is open by application to groups working together collaboratively. The fee is moderate or via work exchange. The Love Drums is also a partner of the NOLATimeBank, which also fosters collaboration by setting up structures for a "sharing economy." Drumming is a basic way to learn to work in rhythm with others to make this world a better place than we find it presently.

If weather permits, we drum outside; we are open to suggestions for locations. Nearby bathrooms are an asset. In bad weather, we look for free or almost free comfortable inside spaces! Sometimes, we will have a snack, but not always possible, so bring your own snacks and water; you almost always need a generous supply of water. Remember always to pick up your waste. Love Drums loves Mother Earth as well. So please don't even put a gum wrapper on the ground. If plastic or styrofoam get away, go after it. Let's leave every space we occupy, indoors or out, cleaner than we found it.

This is a non-smoking, no alcohol event. Young children welcome too with parent or adult.

Fees are by Love Donation only. Suggested amount is $4.00 unless room rent is necessary. We realize there are times people can't give. Do your best, but never stay away for lack of a donation. Donations help with the cost of this space on Meetup as well as repair and replacement of drums, drum heads, or the smaller companion instruments used in circle, and sometimes for room rental space. In Kind gifts and services are also welcomed! Show your love for the Love Drums.

See you in circle!