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Ready for an Adventure? This is a group that believes we all have the truth/a guide/guides within and that we are on a continuous consciously evolving journey. We are in the process of healing from our fast and turning our attention to our present month and the future.

In this group we will share insights we have recently gained through meditative practice or journeys we have been on through dreaming, or experiments with Cannabis, DMT, and/or Ayahuasca. From there, you will be given a glimpse of one possible future through visual storytelling. Then all group members will have the opportunity to tell the story of the kind of world they would like to dream into existence as we turn our attention to Mother Earth and our humanity.

Finally, we will weave all stories together and all group members will be invited to participate in the new positive global consensus story, also known as open source reality. Group members should be familiar with the Youtube video “We the people for the Global Goals.”

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Meditation, Cannabis, Gaia & Storytelling



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