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Hey Everyone,

This is the time of year to give back.

To reflect on all our blessings.

To be thankful.

To stuff our faces with copious amounts of carbs, then complain about it later, even though you promise... promise... P R O M I S E yourself, that you won't eat too much this year!

And you promise not to allow your annoying family to... annoy you... but they do anyway!

And you just know the goddamn turkey is gonna be dry πŸ—

And you'll have to put up with ol' uncle Jim getting wasted and trying to pinch your ass again, or having grandma ask you when the hell you're gonna grow some balls and stand up to that overbearing wife of yours, or have your mother lecture you on how you should raise your children, or listening to your sibling gloat about the new BMW they got this year!

Save all that shit for later my friends, I have the perfect start to your day:

Hike with strangers... YEAH!

We'll do a nice butt-kicker to prepare our pie-holes for stuffing: China Flats.

It's got fantastic views, is the perfect length, and it'll get you revved up for some serious family butt-kicking at dinner time. Trust me, you'll thank me later 😎

But why wait to thank me? You can thank me by showing up and having a great time...and being thankful that someone is lonely enough to actually post something on one of the biggest holidays of the year, all for your pleasure 😁

No, I'm not lonely and yes, I have plans... involving candles, a feather, beer, Snapchat... and a chimp. Forget the chimp...

Okay, the deets:

6 miles r/t, out and back, combo of wide fire roads and single track trail with bitchen views.

1200 ft. elev. gain, or somewheres around that.

Duration, about 2.5 hours... hmm, maybe less depending on how fast you are.

If you're fit, you'll do fine on this hike. If you're a novice, I say bring a map and a friend who knows the hike, or skip it altogether and wait until the next one.

Here are some photos from a previous TG:

Nice, huh?

DIRECTIONS: From Westlake taking the 101 fwy heading towards Ventura, exit at Westlake Blvd and turn right. Go approx. 4 miles and turn right on Lang Ranch Parkway. Drive to the end of the street and park. From the 23 freeway heading north, exit Ave. De Los Arboles and turn right. Drive to the end of Arboles, turn right and make your first left onto Lang Ranch Pkwy. Drive to the end of the street.

The trailhead is on the right, just before Lang Ranch Parkway makes a sharp left turn. There is plenty of parking on the street.