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Hey Everyone,

I'm doin it... posting a hike!! That's two in less than a month; how do you like that? Plus, it's a relatively easy one.

Now that I've turned fifty years old, I have nothing left to prove, so I'm gonna post a moderate hike in Ojai where the kooky, older, artsy retirees live. Hey I'll fit right in! In fact, you can find me at the ol' folks home; just come get me right before the hike starts since my memory isn't what it used to be from last week.

Yes, yes, yes, I know... 50 is just a number.

One that looks like this:


Especially from my position: lying down... and not from sex either. It's 'cause I threw my back out dancing. And if you know me, you know I don't take anything lying down!!

"But it's just a number" you say... "You don't even look fifty!" you say...

Well fuck that shit.

Look, I need time to mourn so please, please save the anecdotes until I've had time to heal from this devastating event.

In the mean time...

This hike will be approx 7 miles and yes, there will be elevation gain, although I don't know how much since my eyesight's shot... but it's nothing to cry over. In fact, it'll be perfect for all you "older" members as well as fit beginners. Don't know about novices. As they say: Know your abilities!!

Afterwards, let's sit outside amongst the scent of orange blossoms at Boccali's ( and eat some yummy grub. They have soft food so I can leave in my dentures and...

Okay enough of the "old people" jokes.

If you wanna join us, then join us. If not, I don't give a crap because that's what old people do: don't. give. a crap.

Directions: From the 101 freeway heading towards Ventura, take highway 33 heading north. Right after you pass through Casitas Springs (that cute town right before Ojai), turn right onto Sulphur Mountain Rd. Drive to the end and park. We'll meet at the gate at the end of Sulphur Mountain Road.