What we're about

👋 Hello and welcome to our group. We are happy that your are here. Please bare with us as this group is new. Please feel free to invite anyone along.

We are a social community of movies of all kinds and meet-up group that enjoy new and classic cult films, socials and events. 🙌 We organise activities, meet-ups and events in cinemas, venues, homes, pubs, your local Pet Sematary and events coinciding with film festivals.

We welcome your suggestions for future activities and please share our group with other like minded people so we can grow and be more awesome.

We are always looking for event organisers, or assistant organisers. Occasionally their will be a co-organiser position open. Want to know more? Please let a host know on your next Meet-up/Event or email thehideoutonline@gmail.com

Note: Please note we are not a business and we would have to meet you in person beforehand, have attended or will arrange to attend a meet-up/event.

The Movie Club VA: WhatsApp Group

These are the general rules however please read the Meet-up or Event rules or guidelines before you attend an activity as they may vary depending on host.

  • Please amend or edit your RSVP status if your plans change or if you can no longer make it.
  • Have fun but be respectful of other peoples opinions and be tolerant.
  • No discrimination & No bullying

Upcoming events

No upcoming events